About Us

We stay true to our values and mission.
Integrity + Experience + Quality

PUROFLUX offers a wide variety of filtration products to satisfy most applications. Standard units are designed to handle a multitude of pressures and flows. Systems can be engineered upon request to fit specific applications and configurations.

Customer Service

As a leader in our field, we understand that the decision to invest in capital equipment involves both immediate technical consideration and long-term commitment. With our unsurpassed dedication, our customers can be assured that PUROFLUX will continue to provide innovative products and technical support well into the future. With a broad range of industrial products, PUROFLUX is able to meet the most demanding application requirements without compromise. An unmatched level of support will be provided by our factory and local distributors worldwide.


PUROFLUX has been leading the industry with innovative concepts and products for years. Whatever the requirements, our engineering staff is highly qualified to address every aspect from design to commissioning. Our reputation for excellence in design is unparalleled. In recent years, the demand for more efficient and cost effective designs has increased dramatically. With our strong technological edge we have devoted our resources to define and develop new products to meet these demands.


Our dedication and persistence to assure quality products have set the industry standards. Exceeding our customer’s expectations is required for each unit produced by PUROFLUX. Before shipment, all equipment must pass a rigorous quality control program, ensuring it meets our high standards and functional expectations before being placed into service.


Our complete manufacturing facility allows us to fabricate high quality products while maintaining competitive pricing. Whether manufacturing standard or custom products, from electrical controls to welded structures, our fabrication shop has the capability to meet demanding delivery schedules. Our multifaceted shop can easily adapt to any changes presented by rigorous design or specification requirements.